What is UniFormis?

UniFormis is our CRM solution for Mac OS X and Windows, with the focus on simplicity and usability. Manage your customers, contacts, notes, tasks and emails with one of the three editions: The Personal Edition is for single user environments, the Professional Edition is the best choice for small to medium sized teams and the Individual Edition is the perfect solution for all types of businesses that require a custom feature set.

UniFormis comes with a range of standard modules to administer customer- and contact-information, additional modules for the Individual Edition will be developed upon request.

What is UniFormis not?

UniFormis is not an ERP system. Invoices, quotations, shipping orders or any accounting data cannot be processed with it. Maybe at a later stage, at which time it won't be marketed as CRM anymore, instead - you already guessed - as an ERP.

What is special about UniFormis?